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In The Wild
With 20 wild birds and animals for you to know and knit

by Alice Underwood (2024)

Here it is — a follow up to my popular
Sheep of Many Colours and A Breed Apart books.

In The Wild concentrates on birds and animals found 'in the wild'. All can be seen in Cumbria (if you know where to look!) and we are really lucky to have seen three-quarters of them here at Sheepfold, albeit some less frequently than others. Our hearts leap when we get a visit from an otter or kingfisher by the river, or when we see a brown hare bounding across the fields. As before, there are 20 knitting charts together with information and photos of all the birds and animals featured. Some, such as the hedgehog, have lived in Britain since the Ice Age, and others have been reintroduced, such as the beaver which came to Cumbria in 2020.

How you use the charts is your choice, but photographs are included giving some ideas and inspiration. The size of the charts is the same as in my first two books, so all are interchangeable in your own projects. The cover features pastel paintings of the brown hare and kingfisher.

As it remains an excellent way to show the knitted charts in use, I have created a blanket using all 20 charts together. This time I used Shetland wool which provided a huge range of colours, and I ended up with a cute blanket to keep my knees warm!
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One of my friends just returned from the UK with your book and we all loved it — being knitters and owning sheep — we all want to knit the patterns! DS (USA)
I cannot recommend you enough. Great range of kits and yarn, British wools and a helpful, personal service. Fantastic. LR
I have just received the yarn. It is beautiful. Thank you for sending it to me so quickly. DJ
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