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About sheep

Many of our natural yarn kits use wool from single breeds of sheep. Here we have given a little information about each of the breeds growing the wools supplied by Sheepfold.
Further information
Information comes from the relevant sheep breeders' societies and from British Sheep and Wool, published by the British Wool Marketing Board, and British Sheep, published by the National Sheep Association. You can find information about other British breeds in these two publications. RBST classifications are taken from their 2016 Watchlist.
I really appreciate the great customer service you and Sue have given me. I shall remain a loyal customer. WF
I cannot recommend you enough. Great range of kits and yarn, British wools and a helpful, personal service. Fantastic. LR
Thanks again for the superb service which could not have been bettered. We will definitely use Sheepfold again. PG
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